November Conscious Box Review!

Dear Ghosts,

You guys I know you don’t have to tell me. I know, I’ve been inconsistent but let me thank you all for sticking by me while I’ve been going through the process of moving.I hope you out all can forgive me.

But then again who really takes the time to see if I made a post anyway?

Anyway… I know I haven’t done a subscription box review in a few months so I thought I would do a review on my November Conscious Box.

 I was quite excited to see what the box behold considering it took two weeks for my dad to bring it to me

      What is Conscious Box?

Conscious box is a all natural healthy subscription service that send you natural, and sometimes vegan items. Their boxes can include; natural beauty products such as lip balm, facial product’s, even health related items like nasal spray, cough syrup but all natural! Did I forget to mention they also let you try healthy natural snacks like bars cookies or crisps? This is a great box for anyone trying to make a natural healthy change one step at a time.

      What’s in your Box?

img_5536_kindlephoto-7738305Primal Pitt Paste: This natural organic armpit paste is great! Smooth and melts easily with a beautiful scent of lavender. Better than any deodorants I’ve used definitely will shop for more.

IMG_5533Lyft Clean Caffeine Energy Stir Stick:This energy stick is so easy to use and doesn’t have a bad after taste! Just open the package, take one of the stick out, peel the plastic over your beverage, using the stick stir your drink for about 10 seconds. No powdery taste, a slight bitterness and it cleans your drinks!IMG_5530Date caramel sauce: To be completely honest I wasn’t the biggest fan of this mainly because I hate the flavor of dates! But hey if you like dates try it!

IMG_5542Lotus Moon Vitamin B Hydrating Gel Facial Moisturizer: I like this! It will definitely be a future purchase it goes on the skin silk and smooth and dries really quickly! Great light scent. 

IMG_5538Life Soap: I love this soap I used it in the shower the other day! What a beautiful lavender scent, and it lathers so well. 

IMG_5544Treat Simple Peanut Butter & Banana Recipe: I cant do a review on them because they’re dog treats, but they smell nice? 

IMG_5550Sesame Snaps: These are okay! If you like sesame seeds then maybe you would love these….

IMG_5527Extra Shaving Oil: I haven’t tried it nor open the package so I can’t give much of a review….

IMG_5552Me & the girls Lip Moisturizer Beneficial Organic Beauty Lipstick topper and base: I’ve been trying this lip moisturizer and I love it! I’ve been using it daily it has a peppermint scent which is great because it doesn’t have the annoying artificial candy, or cherry scents.

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#CJChats: Relationships & Dating My Type

Dear Ghosts,

Considering I’m only a sixteen year old girl I don’t have much experience on dating but I do have enough knowledge to know what I want.

I’m not going to do the cliche answers of my type having to look like Ryan Gosselin. Or he just has to be nice and caring. I’m will go into enough detail.

Lets begin


I’m open to all races no specific. Secondly I like guys with beards which is odd considering some but not all teenage girls would say that. When I say beards I mean the guy in the I can’t believe it’s not butter commercial, or my favorite musician Matt Corby. As for weight or size I honestly don’t care. He can thin but not skinny(no offense to skinny men) he can also be a bit chubby or buff. As for height they can at least be an inch or but not over 6ft considered I’m only 5’3.

Personality Traits

Not trying to be to cliche but I want someone who is caring and nice and will treat me as a priority. I also want someone who listens to, cares about what goes on with me, how my mind works. Someone who takes the time to see me. Most of all some ones who’s giving, sharing and loving. Loving most of all. I need someone with the same qualities to me because I never understood why people want their ideal guy or girl to have qualities they don’t. 


As my mom would say “No one over 17!” I personally would say 18-19ish but hey? 😂


I always make jokes with my family that considering most teen boys my age are sexually active and have kids and are probably dealing with baby mommas. So having that being said no. I ain’t bout that life.

I hope you all like this series so far remember to comment below, follow, like, rate and email me any comments, topic ideas or questions.

My question for you all what was or is your type? Has it changed overtime?

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