Life Update: Moving to Pittsburgh, High school, Hair Dying, Food Posts

Let me first start off by apologizing for being inconsistent. Alot has been going on for the few months. Me and my mom are in the process of moving to Pittsburgh where my sister is currently attending college.

I’ve visited Pittsburgh a few times, and its quite something to get used to. Its a nice place but boy was it crowded. I thought Cleveland’s lunch hour was bad, i was wrong. The streets are also very different from Cleveland as there are shops on every corner. From Macy’s to Sally Beauty Supplies they all sit on corners in walking distance.

I know its probably not of that big of deal to most of you because maybe  your city is set up that way but..I have to catch the bus or drive to get to those places as those stores are only located in the suburban areas…But i have to admit i am looking forward to the night life along with the jobs there every store had a wanted or “we’re hiring” sign.

I also hope to tour there culinary schools also. Since i need to start doing college tours anyway. Also there are a lot of hot and cute men, and boys there. I’m not exaggerating. Anyway Speaking of hot and food..(sorry if I’m rambling) my apologies for not having food posts in months.

I’m currently staying with my grandparents, and I don’t have a camera right now. I’ve missed posting terribly. As i been making specular dishes not posting to share with you all then consuming all the calories…*laughs to self*  I do have a phone camera, but its an android and the quality isn’t enough for my site.

Along with the moving process i also been trying to keep up with school from new teachers and loads of homework and state testing. Sine being a junior which hits me every now and then “woah I’m a junior” and I just sit in shock to think how fast high school is going

I don’t know if i ever mention on my blog but i hate state testing or ogt testing.. here in Ohio we go to assigned testing sites take 2 hour tests spring and fall and wait to see if we passed. I passed everything except social studies and math. I was very close to passing my math test as I was only twenty points away I think with my social studies it was only ten. With these state standardized test you have to get exactly 400 points nothing over or under.

One of the girls at my last testing site was only one point away and they failed her… sit for 2 hours to take a multiple choice, explain your answer, create a story just to miss one question then to fail…and have to take it over. Geez huh….I going to stop talking about school now as I’m getting more stressed..

Anyway I’ve been doing some crazy things with my hair you guys. I dyed it pink and purple which i loved. Then dark blue, then to a blue turquoise green It was an awesome color very bright and neon.

I definitely stood out… along with dying my hair i also been wearing it in its natural curly state every now and then since cutting out any chemical processes.

I need to wear it more often as it will help with my already ”heat damaged” hair but i will talk about my hair in another time and probably in another post.

Until next time

Peace xxxx

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Fall Edition: September Music Favorites!

IMG_20140717_142444I’ve found some amazing music this month that I will enjoying sharing with you all.  I love finding music whether its from the recommendations on the side panel of YouTube, or songs I’ve heard on television. I love these songs. These songs are perfect for your different moods. Whether they are slow and relaxing, or upbeat and make you want to do the running man in suspenders. Good music to the ears is like good food to the tummy! To be quite honest I don’t know where I was with that…so I’ll just gt the the music faves.

{Dawn Golden All I Want} I love this song its make feel really relaxed, yet its very emotional and perfect at the same time even better when its listen to at night. Probably even better for a late night road trip.

{Sam Smith I’m Not The Only One} I find myself really becoming a more and more a Sam Smith song each day. And this song just takes it, his song was not only strong in stay with me but damn is it strong and more emotional in this song. I guess these are one of those songs you want to sing on the top your lungs because it speaks so well.

{Daughter Landfill} Landfill has always been one of my favorite shows, along with ”Smother”. Their songs are not only so deep and filled within lyrics. You get hooked with the first few.

{Max Elto Backyard Animals}: I don’t know why but I love this song I found it over a week ago and i cant stop listening to itI found some animals in the backyard, they don’t look so happy there, I found some animals in the backyard, they don’t seem so happy to me” Just an instant hook you can sing constantly.

{Tove Lo Habits} I dont really know why I lke this song so much but it just a great song you cant understand why, Its not like I relate to the lyrics.But they are just so great. Maybe I got annyoyed enoughy from seeing it on VH! muisic I just figure I would just download it, ”I gotta stay High all the time to keep you off my mind ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh spend my days locked in a haze trying to forget you babe I fall back down gotta stay high all my life to forget I’m missing you.”

{TFIOS Soundtrack Charli XCX Boom Clap} Another song I got so annoyed hearing but downloaded it anyway.  To be honest I don’t know why but I love it. One of those songs I actually picture myself singing into a brush like in those old * 80 movies….’Boom clap sound of my heart!”

{Keane Somewhere Only We Know}I remember first hearing this song during the Winnie The Pooh movie trailer back in 2011. It just makes me feel really good on a late night…

Kiesza Hideaway- I love this song! I don’t know if its because it makes me want to start whatever cheesy 1980 1990 dance craze was in. But it just puts you in such a ”groovy mood”

{Matt Corby Brother} I heard this song a while back but I don’t care because its still of my favorites. I love this so much, he’s one of my favorite artists his voice is so strong yet soulful. If you haven’t listen to at least three of his songs you won’t be disappointed.

Be sure to check back soon for October Music Favorites!

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What’s On My Phone Tag?

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-38-50Its been quite a while since I’ve done a tag on my blog so I thought it would be great for me to try this one. Through all the search terms I’ve tried, I didn’t actually find the questions for this tag. So I’m just going to go through what’s on my phone and why I have it.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-13-49-10-1Oh and if your wondering who’s that handsome guy as my background that’s Matt Corby. I think he’s really attractive and I love his music.

{Let’s begin}

Screenshot_2014-09-16-13-51-51-1-1Instagram: I use Instagram for VG and also to follow people I like or basically find interesting. By the way my instagram is @vintageghosts

Screenshot_2014-09-16-18-38-01Pinterest: I really enjoy Pinterest I love the work out qoutes and workout inspirations. But I guess they haven’t worked that much because I have worked out in awhile……….and I mean awhile. Beside that I also really been enjoying their Fall/ Healthy recipes.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-30-38-1Google Play Store: This was already installed on my phone and its very convenient. I love downloading new apps.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-27-11-1Photo Grid: Photo Grid: is a photo editing, collage making app. I used it for a few of my instagram photos and it good. I don’t use it that much but its great to have on hand.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-30-52-1Life Reminders: I don’t know about you but I have hobby or a tendency to procrastinate on school work, or just forget random things. So I like to use this app to annoy me enough to do the school work or remind me about the small things.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-31-00-1Notes Lite: I use Note Lite to write notes or type those random thoughts down. Or to just write down a song I like on VH1 music.

Email: This was already pre-installed and basically I do what is called ”email” or I read and check emails.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-31-41-1Esty: Though I never purchased anything from Etsy its one of my favorite online stores. I love looking at he bakery section of Etsy and the other creative items and shops Etsy has to offer.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-32-26-1-1WordPress: You guys should already figure out why I use this? No? To connect with you guys of course!!! Or to catch up on some of my favorite bloggies.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-33-04-1Calorie Count: I use calorie count to monitor what I eat so I won’t emotional eat or binge eat and also to have it when I go back exercising and getting back on track. I also use it to read other forums, daily statuses by people struggling with their weight, or just want to be a better them.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-34-33-1Twitter: I use this app to tweet, retweet, all that it does. Also that’s just a tweet from Jasmin Charlotte {WordPress Blogger} I retweeted a tweet from.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-35-30-1Play Music: Just a simple music app

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-36-05-1Spark Recipes: A new app I downloaded just over a few days or a week ago. Its a fine app I still have to get use to it. But if you don’t know what it is. Its a healthy recipe app. Filter it to your ”dietary” needs, or calorie you want per recipe and they’ll find recipes that fit you.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-36-19-1Video Editor: I don’t have a laptop of my own that actually has a pre-installed movie maker. I’ve been considering vlogging or making YouTube videos but then more as I think about I don’t know..

Screenshot_2014-09-16-18-31-34Remind: A app my geometry and algebra II teachers wanted all there students to download. To better summarize they send you assignment reminders through texts.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-18-25-14Tumblr: Tumblr, tumblr, tumblr…… just a great app to go on when your out, inside, bored or just want to find photos or posts that relate.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-18-25-37Ringtone Maker: Already installed app I use it sometimes I edited enough of my songs on there to use for ringtones.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-18-31-19YouTube: I don’t like the YouTube app at all… buffers even with a great connection and I just don’t like it.

So that’s all I have on my phone. I hope you all enjoyed reading my post

But I have a question for you

”What’s on your phone?”

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Until Next time.