Would You Interview Your Childhood Bully?

interviewYesterday I was looking at the Facebook profile of a girl I used to be “friends” with in middle school before she became the mean girl and began bullying me, spreading rumors etc. I’m pretty sure you’re thinking to yourself ,”Why would you go on your bullies profile.”

I didn’t go on there to snoop. I actually went on there to see what’s she’s done since middle school. I then notice that she has a son and is in high school. Not to mention she’s only a year older than me.

A few years ago I saw pictures of a kid but assume it was a sibling. Now your probably wondering what does this have to do with what your title? Well it has a lot to do with it. Not only did I visit that profile of the mean girl or bully but others also. But as I look at their profiles. I couldn’t help but to think what would it be like if I had the opportunity to interview each and every one of them.

Not only that but the reason they would give for it and why? What was the reason for them bullying me? Would they say “You thought you were better than everyone” Or my favorite “Because it was fun or funny?” What was the reason? Don’t worry I’m not still hurt by the stuff they said, I moved on.  But just just like any bully victim I guess you can say you always have questions.

That’s why I asked people on different social media sites. Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and instagram. “If you had the opportunity to interview your child hood bullies would you?  I got a few responses. One comment on Facebook from someone saying “I would ask them to give me three reasons to give them the antidote” Which was quite interesting!

interview11Whether we want to admit or not I think our bullies affected us tremendous ways in positives and negatives of course probably more negatives than positive. The positives us realizing young that not every kid, will be nice or welcoming to you. Negatives the emotion, mental, physically abuse are bullies had or have on us whether it was name calling, abuse, emotional and physical anxiety.

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What’s On My Phone Tag?

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-38-50Its been quite a while since I’ve done a tag on my blog so I thought it would be great for me to try this one. Through all the search terms I’ve tried, I didn’t actually find the questions for this tag. So I’m just going to go through what’s on my phone and why I have it.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-13-49-10-1Oh and if your wondering who’s that handsome guy as my background that’s Matt Corby. I think he’s really attractive and I love his music.

{Let’s begin}

Screenshot_2014-09-16-13-51-51-1-1Instagram: I use Instagram for VG and also to follow people I like or basically find interesting. By the way my instagram is @vintageghosts

Screenshot_2014-09-16-18-38-01Pinterest: I really enjoy Pinterest I love the work out qoutes and workout inspirations. But I guess they haven’t worked that much because I have worked out in awhile……….and I mean awhile. Beside that I also really been enjoying their Fall/ Healthy recipes.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-30-38-1Google Play Store: This was already installed on my phone and its very convenient. I love downloading new apps.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-27-11-1Photo Grid: Photo Grid: is a photo editing, collage making app. I used it for a few of my instagram photos and it good. I don’t use it that much but its great to have on hand.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-30-52-1Life Reminders: I don’t know about you but I have hobby or a tendency to procrastinate on school work, or just forget random things. So I like to use this app to annoy me enough to do the school work or remind me about the small things.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-31-00-1Notes Lite: I use Note Lite to write notes or type those random thoughts down. Or to just write down a song I like on VH1 music.

Email: This was already pre-installed and basically I do what is called ”email” or I read and check emails.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-31-41-1Esty: Though I never purchased anything from Etsy its one of my favorite online stores. I love looking at he bakery section of Etsy and the other creative items and shops Etsy has to offer.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-32-26-1-1WordPress: You guys should already figure out why I use this? No? To connect with you guys of course!!! Or to catch up on some of my favorite bloggies.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-33-04-1Calorie Count: I use calorie count to monitor what I eat so I won’t emotional eat or binge eat and also to have it when I go back exercising and getting back on track. I also use it to read other forums, daily statuses by people struggling with their weight, or just want to be a better them.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-34-33-1Twitter: I use this app to tweet, retweet, all that it does. Also that’s just a tweet from Jasmin Charlotte {WordPress Blogger} I retweeted a tweet from.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-35-30-1Play Music: Just a simple music app

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-36-05-1Spark Recipes: A new app I downloaded just over a few days or a week ago. Its a fine app I still have to get use to it. But if you don’t know what it is. Its a healthy recipe app. Filter it to your ”dietary” needs, or calorie you want per recipe and they’ll find recipes that fit you.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-15-36-19-1Video Editor: I don’t have a laptop of my own that actually has a pre-installed movie maker. I’ve been considering vlogging or making YouTube videos but then more as I think about I don’t know..

Screenshot_2014-09-16-18-31-34Remind: A app my geometry and algebra II teachers wanted all there students to download. To better summarize they send you assignment reminders through texts.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-18-25-14Tumblr: Tumblr, tumblr, tumblr…… just a great app to go on when your out, inside, bored or just want to find photos or posts that relate.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-18-25-37Ringtone Maker: Already installed app I use it sometimes I edited enough of my songs on there to use for ringtones.

Screenshot_2014-09-16-18-31-19YouTube: I don’t like the YouTube app at all…..it buffers even with a great connection and I just don’t like it.

So that’s all I have on my phone. I hope you all enjoyed reading my post

But I have a question for you

”What’s on your phone?”

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Until Next time.