Week Of July 26-31 2015 Update: Rite Aid Makeup Haul, Interviews, Lunch Buffets


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Dear Ghosts,

This week has been really good to me!

During the week I did some job applications with my mom. And within hours we were called back to schedule interviews. I got a call from a retail store and also a restaurant. Within a day from each other! I scheduled an interview for the retail store for Monday so I’m excited. But after the restaurant called me yesterday I scheduled an interview with them today. Before all of us left to go my job location my mom got called for an interview for a job and she was hired on the spot!

After that we headed back to my job location and were a bit early. So we walked around and visited some shops. We killed enough time, so I just headed over to my interview I had to wait a few minutes but it wasn’t a problem for me as I was making sure I calm, presentable, and relaxed. I finally got interviewed and it went amazing. The manager that interviewed me was nice and friendly. And I really feel like I aced the interview. I should be getting a call back soon for a second interview hopefully. *fingers crossed*

After the interview we walked over to a Chinese buffet. We were going to Popeye’s our favorite cheat spot but thought it would be easier and quicker to just go to the buffet. I loaded my take out container with everything they had left. Noodles, fried rice, battered chicken, tso’s general chicken, broccoli and pork and egg rolls.

Before it was time to leave and catch the bus we ran into rite aid and bought some makeup. Thank goodness rite aid were having a sale on their wet n wild makeup. I got this beautiful nude brown lipstick and lip liner. I always loved beautiful brown lips sticks, not only becuase it compliments any lip shape but it brings out your natural glow. When we arrived back home and later after I was done eating dinner, I tried on my lip products and I love them. I haven’t been wearing much makeup latley, like foundation, under eyed concealer, bb cream. I’ve been trying to keep it simple, its way too hot to do a full face everyday in my opinion. But anyway I’m going to write up my review for this lip stick and lip liner and post it sunday.

I hope you all had a great week and a fantastic weekend.xxxxxx

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5 Ways to Stay Positive the Rest of the Year

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Hello Ghosts!

I hope you are all doing great today, if not tomorrow will be better I promise.

If you’re like me you can’t believe we’re already in July, crazy right? It was just a few months ago when we were having the worst winter and coming up with New Years’ resolutions.

So with this being mid year I’m pretty sure life has given you some ups but maybe also some downs. So today I thought I would share ways to keep those ups coming and how to stay positive.

  • Explore & Travel

If you’re able to, travel to a local city or town and explore. You’ll learn new things meet interesting people, see different landmarks, and try local restaurants and get the taste of a new city. Now if you can’t afford to travel, try exploring your neighborhood. Check out that shop or storefront you always wondered about, try more of your local restaurants.  Take and snap photos of anything you see exciting or interesting. Heck, have some friends join you.

  • Eat Good Food

Who doesn’t love good food? Food that make you feel comforted and taste really good too! Am I right? If you’re Sick of those same dinners, try some more recipes. Try foods you never had before. if you can eat out at local restaurant’s by yourself, or with a friend. Make a blog post reviewing it. The point is eat food that’s good for you and that you feel good eating,

  • Step out of your comfort zone

Step out of your comfort zone and try something you never tried before. Try a new workout, food item, hairstyle, or even learning a new instrument. Step out and try something new, take yourself on a date, do something you wouldn’t do on the norms. Whether it goes good or bad, be proud of yourself for trying it.

  • Hang around positive people

Surround yourself with only positive people, people who inspire you to be a better you. Those that bring positive energy when you’re around them. Hang with friends that will encourage you to try new things, and will be there for you throughout the way.

  • Don’t stress the little things

Remember not to stress the little things. Trust me some of the things that you stress over will work out, and things will get better. Coming from someone who was homeless twice, I understand doubt and uncertainty but trust me things will get easier. After your storm passed you will be stronger than ever and whatever happens you’ll be strong enough to take it.


Take sometime this year to work and improve on yourself. As humans we always need to improve ourselves. What you need to work on can vary from anything. If you’re having image issues take time out to acknowledge work on accepting them and love yourself. If you’re having doubts about a relationship you’re in, reconsider and reevaluate. Remember that your happiness is always what truly matters. Remember that no one is perfect, even if you’re the most confident person you still have a few flaws.

As always I hope this post helped you if you were down, or just needed a lift me up.

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”No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you’ll find the positive side of things.”
`Demi Lovato

Passion and Paintbrushes


I hate crushes, I cover bruises with paintbrushes.

She never texts me, she never texts me, she never texts me/Never texts me, she never texts me, forgot to text me.

-Let it Breath, Jaden Smith

The more I get older, the more I realize crushes are usesless mix of emotions that could be put into other and more important things in your life.

Especially if you’re one of those people that are nervous to ask someone out.

Unlike me and my situtation.
Crushes are comparable to spiders, (I hate them both) as soon as you stop thinking about them, they surprise you and spark your interest again and its the only thing you can think about.

The worst thing about crushes are the mix feelings. And questions you ask yourself.
Are they being nice?
Are they trying to send me signals?
Or am I just looking way to deep into this?

I recently told myself regardless if someone ask me out I was not being in a relationship this year. I’m 17 and there’s a lot of stuff I need to work on within myself and around me.

I’m finding myself maturing mentally and emotionally to where I’m proud of myself alone for making these decisions.

So for now any emotions I’m having for these people are being put into something more important and useful.

  – Cheyenne
  – 🐣🐤🐥

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