Update Part 2


What’s up Ghosts?


As usual here I am with another update post about me and my life. But before I get into that I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and your concern. It truly means a lot that you guys understand and still care about me.

Since that last update a lot of things have happened to me and my family. After our trip from Ohio we came back to see that our apartment was robbed. I went to the store to get some snacks before going straight home with my mom. We arrived to see our apartment door was wide open and the lock was beaten and the door was kicked.  They took our TV, movies, video games, Xbox console and controller, eye contacts, and even food. I was born and raised in worst areas than this in Cleveland and never in my entire life experience a robbery or burglary.

 I never in my life thought I would ever experience a burglary. But I did. And it’s the worst experience you could even imagine. The mental and emotional pain is even worst. My anxiety was fine before coming home to this. The day after it happen I literally broke down in tears, because it seemed like last year was repeating itself over again.  We had to wait an entire week before getting our lock fixed. Which meant putting furniture up to the door to prevent people from walking in.

We still don’t know who did it but since the area I live in is so small. Everyone knows about it, and everyone knows at least something in regards to who did it. It’s so scary to know that someone you walked past every day, or before in your small town invaded your person space. But you know what? I’m glad that I went on that trip to Cleveland not only because I complained about going and actually enjoyed myself. But because I didn’t stay at my apartment at the risk of being injured.

I and my family are strong even though we’re still going through the emotional and mental trauma we’re going to be okay, or at least I hope so. But to be completely honest me and my family have never felt more stuck, we’re stuck dealing with this neighborhood, we’re stuck living in this apartment. But I’m so thankful to have my family and my best friend help me through this. We’re strong and we won’t let these people get to us.

Speaking of my best friend, they’re someone I would like to introduce you all in my next post. They’re someone I truly care about and someone that means a lot to me and I can’t wait to tell you about them. Anyway I finally got to see them again after these stressful weeks, a couple weeks ago. And I never had more of a greater time. They always know how to cheer me up and make me smile. We went to the mall and had an amazing time with each other.

Remember when I mentioned work in my last post? Well I quit my job. Not because of what happen to me in my personal life. But because I was getting took advantage of by my manager. She was over working me and putting me on hours I wasn’t supposed to do at 17 and in general and I couldn’t take it anymore. So I quit, she tried firing me after I quit, but that obviously didn’t work out. So now I’m unemployed for the moment.  I’m looking for another job right now. 

That’s all for the update for right now. Thank you all again for your support and concerns. Even if I don’t reply I truly and deeply appreciate and care about it a lot.  


Talk to you soon


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~Vintage Ghosts

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I’ll be back sooner or later.


I’m a horrible blogger.

I am such a terrible blogger, I know. I haven’t been posting and updating as much as I would like to. I’m really terrible at multitasking right now. I’m trying to balance; work, school, things at home, friendships and it all can be overwhelming.

Remember when I told you about my school and how they put me back to my sophomore year? I’ve decided to stick it out till January. So I’m doing a lot of assignments.

to be completely honest I have thought about moving back to Ohio not just so I can graduate on time. But because I’ve been struggling with my depression and anxiety here due to the people. My depression never left from what happen to me last year. But I feel it coming back 2x harder.

It’s really hard for me to deal with the people here in Pittsburgh. I guess because I never wanted to move here in the first place. Anyway, the people here are extremely hard to get along with. Their arrogant, self absorbed, mean, selfish people here in Pittsburgh. They stare at you for no reason…. I asked many people about this and they explained to me and mom that we’re not crazy and it just how people in Pennsylvania are. Which is a nice feeling to know you’re not completely losing it.

As I’m writing this post. I’m currently in ohio. Taking a mini break from Pittsburgh.

But I feel the need from a break from everyone and everything. Not in a negative way because I have good people in my life. But I just feel the need to take a break. Take a break from social media, which I barely use now. Communication. I don’t know it hard to explain. It’s just since last year happen I haven’t had much of break and I think it’s catching up on me. I feel like I haven’t found to time for myself.

I don’t want to pick up my bags and leave or anything. But I do want to start fresh next year. With my depression and anxiety better and somewhat under control.

I’m not going to end this post by telling you all when I’m uploading. But just know that I’m trying and I really do still care about this blog….

Post written by Cheyenne J

Pacify Love

Dear Ghosts,


I know in previous posts I’ve covered my goals and hopes for relationships. But today I was thinking we should covers my fears about love and relationships.

I think one of my biggest fears about relationships are that one day someone can wakeup and realize they don’t care about you anymore.

I think that’s where my fear of committing to friendships/relationships come in.

  I don’t want to finally let my guard down in a relationship and truly begin to love someone and they say I don’t love you anymore. Or this is not working out.

As selfish as it might seem I don’t want to truly care or comitt to someone if that will later give them an opportunity to hurt or disappoint me.

In between writing this post I’ve realized.

There’s no doubt that my dad and past experiences with people has fucked up my trust issues.

But I’m working on it. Not everbody is a bad person. And maybe not every person wants to hurt you like past relationships.

And I’m learning when you go on in the world not caring about anyone or

other people to protect yourself. And you finally find someone that cares about you. And you finally begin to fall for them it’s one of the most greatest/scariest thing you probably ever feel.

In the end you don’t understand why they love and care about you so much but they just do.

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