VG Lifestyle: 5 Awesome Tips To Achieving Your Goals

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Hey Ghosts,

How are you? I hope you all are having a great day or evening.

 We all know achieving goals can be one of the hardest things to do. But it shouldn’t have to be! Here are the best tips that I would like to share that have helped me achieve my short and long term goals.

[Tip: 1] Know What Your Goal is:

What is your goal? Why do you need to achieve this? Once you figure that out you’ll understand why positivity and motivation is key.

Let’s say your goal is, weight loss? Ask yourself these three questions

Why is weight loss my goal? Are you losing weight to feel more comfortable? If that’s your answer, maybe you should think about why you don’t feel comfortable now. Of course being 10lbs lighter will make you feel great physically but what about emotionally? Before you think about just jumping into weight loss, work on the deeper expects. If you begin to loving yourself before starting your goal you’ll understand that is was not your weight, it’s you.

How will it benefit me? Will it help you prevent some health concerns?

Is this goal for me, or am I doing this for family etc? Are you losing weight for your children? Or are you losing weight for your spouse, boyfriend. If your losing weight for your children then that’s great. But for example, if you’re only losing weight for your boyfriend or girlfriend to find you more attractive. Then there’s some relationship evaluation you should be having with your spouse.

Understanding why you want to achieve anything is first step to any, short term or long term goal making.

[Tip: 2] Remove Yourself from Negative People:

I’m pretty sure you have all read this before. ‘’Remove yourself from those who do not uplift you.’’ or something like that. But it’s true, why be around people who do not uplift you? Why surround yourself amongst people who do not support you?

Surround yourself with people who will love you and encourage you to be your best. Those who will uplift you whether it’s for weight loss, a career, or whatever else your goal might be.

I know you’re asking me right now ‘’Well it’s easy to say that then it is to do.’’ Or ‘’What if the people that aren’t supporting me are my family?’’

Well to answer you’re first question no it’s not easy. But you have to do what’s best for you. Love yourself to know what you deserve, and surround yourself with those who are genuinely there for you.

To answer you’re second question if you’re family aren’t supporting you whether it’s your parent(s) or close friends. Explain to them why this goal is something you would really like support on. And if they still don’t understand, or they question or second guess you. Tell them you need your space from them for a while. (Unless you’re living with them). I know it may seem blunt to cut people off, but if you continue asking or begging for someone to support you and they never come around. You’ll just not only find yourself being a broken record, but a pushover if you decide to just give up.

 [Tip: 3] Use the World Wide Web to Your Advantage

Well, it seems like you’ve already started using the web to your advantage. You found me right? *Hair flip* you’ll very be surprise by how much technology can help you with your goal making.

If you’re still looking for motivation and inspiring stories shared by other who achieved the same goal you’re trying to achieve. Use sites and platforms like WordPress, or Pinterest to your advantage. I’m sure if you do enough researching you will find someone on any social media or anyother web platform that have the exact same goal and expertise.

Speaking of expertise, a great way of using the World Wide Web to your advantage is contacting people with the experience for the goal you’re trying to achieve. So look for authors, writers, with social media accounts and emails. Try emailing and connecting with them for extra information on whatever your goal might be.

Also be on the lookout for their Twitters, some host fun live chats and which would be a great way to ask questions.

[Tip: 4] Join Support Groups/ Forums

If you’re having problems with step number two. Then find local support! Look for support groups in your city that focus on your goal. But also be mindful and do your research first. Check reviews and do extensive research for those local groups; be sure to check dates, when it was published and how legit, and honest the reviewer is. And always remember to avoid any site that asks for a payment, credit card or has too many ads!!

If physical support groups aren’t your thing, look for online forums, and support groups. Let’s move away from weight loss and let’s say you’re goal is money management? Try searching ‘’money management support forums’’ Once you a find a forum that is legit. You’ll be surprise how many people you find that have the almost exact same problems and goals too. You will also find yourself being supported by many others, as well as supporting them also. Which will lead to great friendships. One of my favorites, ways to find support and motivation is Pinterest.

I know, I was one of those people too. That hated anytime anyone mentioned Pinterest. But don’t knock it before you try it. Or don’t knock it before you pin it. (Cheesy joke pun)

But nonetheless, you will find a lot of great inspiring quotes, pictures and many shared articles from experts that will be very helpful in your long term or short term goal making.

[Tip: 5] Don’t Stress About It

Goal making and achieving should not be a stressful task. More than anything it should be fun! Admire and be proud of yourself for being willing to make a change for the best. Don’t give up if a few bumps come your way. Knock them down and continue being awesome. Every time you get close to your goal treat yourself. If its weight loss every time you lose a couple pounds add cash to a mason jar to save up for a clothing item, concert tickets, or a trip. Last but not least be proud of yourself along the journey! Have a slip up? Think of the positives you were doing before and pick yourself right back up. Let it motivate you to continue being your best. And never let one negative out way a positive.

So I hoped I helped you stay motivated and helped with some goal planning as well.

Be sure to share your tips in the comment section below on how you stay motivated when achieving goals.

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