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Welcome Back To Vintage Ghosts,

I know many of you love my product reviews so I thought I share my most recent products I loved from Jennie O.

Two weeks ago, I received my own box of Jennie O selected turkey products from joining the “Switch Circle” Blogger Mailing.

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The package was quite a surprise at the door step, but I was so excited to open to see what was inside.

My package included Jennie-O Mild Turkey Roll Sausage, Sausage Links and Jennie-O Turkey Bacon. Throughout the week to this week I’ve been trying out Jennie O’s Turkey products and can I just say these products are delicious.

They’re flavorful, well seasoned and products definitely worth choosing to eat and buy.

I took sometime to make different recipes and dishes with the products. On the second day I took the time to view Jennie Os recipe. They’re were so many delicious choices with creative ideas. I decided to use the Mild Turkey Roll Sausage and make Spaghetti with Meat sauce.

Using Jennie Os turkey as a my main ingredient, I cooked the sausage with onions, chopped garlic, and diced tomatoes.

I then added my favorite brand of tomato sauce, and seasonings. To finish it off I crisped so of the Turkey Bacon and Parmesan cheese on top. What a great dinner!

2015-03-25 16.34.07

2015-03-26 12.16.57

The second day I made cinnamon role flavored pancakes with a side of the Jennie Os Lean Breakfast Links and sliced green apples. These Jennie Os Lean Breakfast Links are delicious 65% less fat than pork sausage and they cook in only 15 mins.

I’ve enjoyed all the products I received from Jennie O. Their products are definitely worth the buy. Thank you Jennie O for letting me be apart of your circle.

If you’re interested in joining the The Switch Circle please visit their link here. If your interested finding more of their products please visit the link here. If you would like to see their gallery of recipes please visit here. Want to find stores near you that carry Jennie O products? Visit here

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Thanks Again Jennie O

I’m Officially Back + Exciting News

Welcome back to Vintage Ghosts or VG,

Long time no see right? Glad to see you’re still reading What can I say, theres been a lot going on in the course of few months. Which explains in the space and decrease in post and article activity. Which I’ll explain further later.

But I want to take a brief moment the discuss me starting my very own YouTube channel. For a little over a year now, I’ve been considering the idea of a Youtube Channel. No that doesn’t me I’m abandoning VG. I will still make posts and recipes but along with that include vlogs, cooking videos, restaurant reviewing and maybe makeup tutorials (don’t count on that one) and my weightloss journey.

I’ve always wanted to make YouTube videos in a way of connecting with different people like I also do on my blog here. Share my interests via video instead of always in a post .

I will be starting my Youtube Channel in April next Month along with my weightloss journey.

I believe I’ve mentioned a post that I’ve always had a problem with my weight since I was younger. I’ve been wanting to lose weight but things got in the way. Finding a home, moving to a new state, job searching basically life. If you would like a more in-depth on my weight and everything please comment and I’ll discuss it.

Talking about my weight body is nothing I’m afraid of talking about or discussing so having said that further. I will starting a weightloss journey. I plan reaching my goal this year and not letting barrier and life stop me. I will make a post on what I plan to do in a separate post.

So that’s the exciting news! I hope you are all just as excited I am.

Please check back in the beginning of April to for regular scheduled posts and Youtube videos.

If you guys would like to stay updated with me I highly encourage you all to follow me on social media.

My instagram is @cheyennejlifestyle

My Twitter is @SCheyenneJ

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If you have any ideas for posts. Comments, questions, business inquiries, reviews, collaborations, etc. Please don’t hesitate to email 👌
All email are always appreciated.

✿ Kawaii Box Review & G I V E A W A Y ! (✿◠‿◠)

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♡ Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription box that i’ve ever come across for $18 a month. (◕‿◕✿)

I was recently chosen for blogger of the month with Kawaii Box! They were nice enough to send me a free box to review AND they were even sweeter to sponsore me for my very own Kawaii Box GIVEAWAY FOR YOU LOVELIES! This box is filled with kawaii stationary items, treats and other cute things! I’ve linked some photo’s below to share what I received! ♡


“Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription service. Subscribe Now and receive a box filled with hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea directly to your home every month.Your box will be shipped in the beginning of each month and the shipping is absolutely free, anywhere on the planet! Each box includes 10-12 cute, original and licensed kawaii items.”

♡ ♡ ♡ – –…

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