Dear Ghosts,

Yeah I know, in Passion and Paintbrushes I said I wasn’t going to think about dating, which I’m not.

I’m still waiting to date until I know I’m completely ready. And I find that someone.

But hell let’s ignore that for a second, alright?

Somedays I just sit and think of how lucky my future partner will be to have me. ( blame it on the teenage hormones)

They will always have someone that they can call at 2 am, and talk about anything with .

They will have someone that wouldn’t mind going to a diner in the middle of the night with them .

Or someone that wouldn’t mind going on a night adventure until the sun rises.

They will have someone that they can just cuddle and kiss for no reason .

They will have someone that even if their upset will still try to get a smile/giggle out of them .

I don’t know who this person will be. But who ever they are they will be one lucky person.

I may drive them a little crazy. But as long as the love is mutal I will do anything to make them happy .


P.S This is not about anyone right now. 😂😂 😂

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What Is Cultural Appropriation


What is Cultural Appropriation?

When someone is appropriating a culture they only take the good parts of a culture (hairstyles, clothing, and jewelry) and they disregard the ugly or bad parts of it.

You shouldn’t pick and choose what you want from a culture. You should take the culture as a whole. If you want something from a minority group you have to take the ‘’ugly’’, and ‘’bad’’ parts too like the oppression, racism, discrimination, harassment.

You can’t take dreadlocks from a culture if you don’t think racism exist, if you don’t about the actual race, if you agree with everything that’s happening towards the black culture or any minority group in that manner.

If a person of an ethnic culture tells you they are offended by your hairstyle you took from their culture, you don’t have the right to say you’re not offending them, and their wrong. You can’t take bits and parts of a culture just to make yourself look hippy, cool or whatever the hell you’re trying to do.

You shouldn’t wear an ethnic hairstyle if you’re not from the culture. It’s not about you embracing the culture it’s about you taking something from a culture that doesn’t belong to you.

It’s not about feminism and you doing what you want with your hair, you’re taking from a culture that you’re not a part of.

Stop showing up to music festival wearing head pieces and bindis if you’re not a part of the culture and or religion. You’re disrespecting a religion and culture you know nothing about.

In reality you really mess with the culture that originally created it and make it seem like it’s not special at all and it’s just a fashion statement or hairstyle you’re trying out. When you appropriate a culture you’re taking something that defined a culture. When you appropriate you’re messing with the history of that culture for your own selfishness.

It’s fine if you admire a culture, and you think that it’s beautiful but you should also look at the other things that culture has to face. There’s a fine line between admiring a culture, and appropriating a culture.

Remember a person’s culture is not your art it’s not meant to be to be sold for Instagram likes, celebrity news, or a fashion trend. Black culture is not for you to make yourself seem ethnic. No bodies’ culture is for that.


Game Day Turkey Nachos Collaboration With Jennie O


What’s Up Ghosts,

As you guys may already know football preseason is already in full swing. No matter what team your rooting for your probably pumped about seeing your hometown team play. GO BROWNS. Or if your not much of football fan your probably just a fan food of the food. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

So today I thought I would with you a new product that I love, but a perfect game day dish.

As most of you know I work with Jennie O as a Blogger for their Switch Circle to try out their products and review.  They send products to me bi monthly. So I was excited when I checked my email and saw that they were letting me try their Lean Taco Seasoned Ground Turkey & Lean Italian Seasoned Ground Turkey.

This maybe me the simplest nacho recipe you’ll try it will sure be a crowd pleaser for you or your family.

What You Will Need:

1 Bag of Your Favorite tortilla chips, flour, corn etc.

1 Package of Jennie O Lean Taco Seasoned Ground Turkey

1 jar of your favorite queso dip

½ cup Pepper Jack Cheese

½ cup of Milk

Chopped, lettuce, tomato, onion, olives, sour cream or any other nacho favorites

  1. In a dry, medium high heated pan add your package of thawed Jennie O Seasoned Ground Turkey.
  2. Cook until not visible pink. About 10-12 minutes. Once fully cooked, cook off any moisture from the turkey.


  1. In a bowl pour your favorite queso dip, add your ½ cup of pepper jack cheese, and rinse your cheese jar with ½ cup of milk. To get out and cook in a microwave, or stove top for 3-4 minutes or until your cheese is melted and bubbly. Take off heat in serve in a round dish.

(Optional :) Toast your tortilla chips in a oven for 5 minutes until warm.

Layer your nachos with your Jennie o Seasoned Ground Turkey and your other favorite toppings, and enjoy.


This was my first time ever trying Jennie O Lean Seasoned Ground Turkey and I could not believe how delicious and perfectly seasoned this was! I didn’t need to add anything! Just fully cook until no pink is visible and serve. This turkey is great is salad, tacos, burritos. Defitnitely give Jennie O Products a try!

So as usual I hoped you guys enjoyed this post. Until next time.

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